This September there will be some changes to the recording studio.I will be combining with another engineer (Collin Schipper) to fully utilize the space. This means three things:

1. We’re going to start doing the DIT Sessions video series again. Having another engineer (who, honestly, has a much faster turnaround time than me) will help considerably.

2. Better gear and acoustic treatment!

3. You will have two options of engineers for albums and demos. With Collin, a price and timeline will be set and it will be finished within that timeframe. He has a good ear and can provide valuable insight, if desired.

With me, I will continue to work based on donations. At the end of the project, just pay what you think it’s worth. There’s no time limit or hourly fees, so you can experiment with any ideas you have. I can also help compose instrumentation (string sections, horns, etc.) and write sheet music if desired. However, the projects I take on tend to take a while.

We can also work together if you want a “best of both worlds” type thing!